How It Works

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Sign up and complete all 6 registration steps to be activated on the Takl platform as a Provider.

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Toggle into Provider Mode to view all available chores and make yourself available to work.

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If selected, navigate to the address, complete the work, and receive payment directly to your account.

6 Easy Steps to Provider Registration

  • Register and share some basic information
  • Select your skills. There are 12 categories so spend time here.
  • Complete our online orientation to become familiar with the app.
  • Provide a valid government issued ID & profile photo to verify identity
  • Provide bank account information to receive direct deposits
  • Clear a background check

Here's what Takl Providers are saying

A friend of mine sent me a link to Takl and I’ve been addicted since the first job notification. What prompted me to sign up as a Provider with Takl is honestly just the thought of going back to work for someone else. I love the flexibility, the variety of jobs to do, and the chance to help them out with whatever they need.
Provider testimonial bobby 179b29e56d1752f236145d4f7fe45ac18b3f05be1b993b42b1720340ab2d6ae8 Bobby
I heard about Takl from an advertisement and decided to give it a try. Every experience I've had going to clean a customer's house has been positive. Takl has helped me when I needed a little extra cash. I enjoy how the earnings are direct deposit into my account.
Provider testimonial felicia 4fddefc44fc085416d06948c47121f57e574e6925836f46d55e2fcea1afbb36a Felicia
I work full time doing maintenance at a local university, so I figured why not sign up for Takl to earn some extra cash? A lot of the chores are what I do on a daily basis anyways. I have done many different jobs: I’ve installed window blinds, assembled a shed, moved furniture, and assembled furniture.
Provider testimonial michael aae168f20f2387da5d45197d15d7a2468175ee9f3b052b7ae6a54e2e26f5e761 Michael
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Marketing & Promotion

Whether it's TV, billboards, radio, or social media, we make sure Takl is seen. This leads to more jobs on the platform for you.

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Record Keeping

Conveniently log in to the Provider Dashboard to view all past jobs and track earnings.

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Billing & Collections

Never chase after a customer again. We handle invoicing and payment collection. Funds are transferred to your bank account in about 3 days after job completion.

A testimonial from Takl Provider, Gordon.

Here are just a few of the popular jobs being ordered:

Lawn Care
Haul Away Junk
Small Home Repair

Benefits of Being a Takl Provider

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Be Your Own Boss

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Work When You Want

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Get Paid Fast